July 28th - Annual General Meeting

by Igor Srdoc B.Sc.Com

The first meeting that N.E.T. has organised has been held in the Swedish city of Umea from 28th to 30th of July 2006. N.E.T. plans to organise such meetings on a yearly basis in order to discuss various topics that the Board and functional sequences consider to be most important for the organisation and beyond. This year's conference's focus is on the establishment of the organisation in its physical and virtual environment.





  1. Introduction
  2. Website
  3. Energy survey
  4. Key ideas
  5. NET
  6. Vote on the new symbol for N.E.T.



The Umeå meeting was planned to be held for the weekend 28th to 30th of July in Umeå and be the first of a set of planned annual meetings. The schedual below was worked out. But due to the lack of travel planning, the meeting failed to assemble enough of participants to be classified as a conference, and thus the agenda was completely rewritten.

The schedual was never put into effect, due to the above-mentioned facts.


1.  A paper exercise was conducted on how a technate could be run and organised.

2.  A discussion was held regarding the Umeå group and a Peak Oil event with Steve Hinton

3.  A discussion was held regarding the future direction of NET

4.  A possible way to establish a technate via a proto-technate constructed of eco-units and other such communities was also discussed.