January 13th at 10am CET - Topic discussion - Population Control

by Igor Srdoc B.Sc.Com

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  1. All participants must have a microphone and Skype installed.
  2. Please cease all uploads and downloads during the conference for better sound performance.
  3. Please be punctual.
  4. During the first ten minutes conversation is to be rather casual, but after that you should ask for permission to speak (due to the speakers presenting their points and arguments) and interrupt only if it’s absolutely necessary. You are free to post your comments in this Forum topic and the Chat (website registration is obligatory).
  5. The presentation of each speaker should not last longer than 20 min, but it can be shorter. The rest of the time is intended for developing the debate on the topic at hand and various questions. Total lenght of the skypecast is set to a maximum of 5 hours.
  6. Be respectable at all times. If your behaviour seems unapropriate to the host, you will be warned once and if repeated you will be muted. The same rule applies for the forum chat discussion.