by Dr. Andrew Wallace BEng(hons) PhD EurIng

Meetings are important for coordination within an organisation since some things require more insight and cannot be taken cared of over the forum or with individual correspondence. These meetings are to be all are open for the public to view and in some even to participate, such as Conferences. Image by N.E.T.This kind of attitude should be acquired to assure the highest possible transparency.

These are the different types of meetings:

Public meetings or Conferences are, as the title says, aimed at the general public and should serve to present the most important issues or decisions that NET has made. Directors meetings simply serve for the Board of Directors to discuss about important issues and make decisions of general relevance to NET. Sequence meetings are intended for members of specific sequences. Project meetings are called to open discussion about a certain project. Workgroup meetings are yet another resource for coordination within a project workgroup or otherwise called a holon. A Topic discussion is a debate aimed at a specific topic and such meetings are usually held regularly in order to encourage new ideas and a better understanding of specific issues.