Sequence of Research

by Dr. Andrew Wallace BEng(hons) PhD EurIng

The Sequence of Research has the task of scientific investigation of Technocracy and related areas. As NET and technocracy has its roots in science and the application of science to society research plays an important part in NET.

Projects of the Sequence of Research

The following are a list of project currently underway in the.

1.      Energy Survey of Europe. The Survey has the purpose of investigate the resources available to a future Technate. What resources do we have available? Do we have enough resources for a Technate? This project has a large and long term nature to it. So far we have completed the pilot survey and have started to work on the full survey.

2.      Energy Credit Simulation. This project aims to build a computer simulation of Energy credits. Then investigate the use of energy credits under various scenarios.

3.      Mars research stations. This project would look at the application of energy credits on a small scale real community.

4.      Proto-Technate. This project is the design and development of a small scale network of communities with a view of testing out technocracy on a larger scale. The network would also form the first steps in implementing a Technate.

If you have skills in science and engineering, you are welcome to take part in theses projects. Contact the director for more information.

Organisation of the Sequence of Research

The Sequence of research has a director who heads up the Sequence. The director has the responsibility of ensuring that the projects that member conduct  have compatibility with the goals of technocracy.  The projects, however, once approved, run autonomously with its own project manager and project team.