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N.E.T. engages in many activities for the purposes of stimulating the development of the theory, philosophy and design of technocracy and for the general dissemination of material and information pertinent to the movement. Any member is free to engage in or establish their own activities as a part of N.E.T. relating to topics as diverse as energy supply and availability, climate change, political and economic superstructures and theory, human behaviour, and technocracy itself. The general activities that N.E.T. members have engaged in on behalf of N.E.T. include study circles, lectures, video screenings and online conferences where all N.E.T. members are present. The aim of N.E.T. activities is to further stimulate discussion amongst both members of N.E.T. and non-members regarding the key topics and themes of social theory and design. Feel free to browse the various activity categories for a history of N.E.T. activities or upcoming activities.